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Attack or No?

Yesterday, I encountered one of the most interesting Magic gameplay situations I’ve been in for a *long* time. (And the answer to this question probably says a lot about how you play Magic/your life philosophy.)

Normally I can’t play in Magic tournaments because of working at Wizards, but yesterday was a rare exception for Mariah’s charity tournament. The setup is this: It’s round 5 and you’re 3-1. You’re playing Blue Devotion and he’s playing R/W burn. It’s game 3. He has played pretty well during the match so far, and has been taking a lot of time to think about his decisions the entire match.

On his turn, he uses his last card to Magma Jet you down to 3 life. He picks up his top two cards, thinks for a while, and then goes to put the cards on top of his library. You ask him right as he sets the cards down in an assertive voice, “In that order?” He looks up, stares at your Nightveil Specter, his face very briefly contorts into something that you read as having made a mistake, then replies in a slightly quiet, “Yeah, that order.”

He passes the turn.

Thanks to the Master of Waves in your hand and your couple creatures on the board, you have a pretty big army that puts him on him dead next turn no matter how you attack - assuming you survive.

The question is this: do you attack with Nightveil Specter and have him draw the second card of his library, or do you hold it back and have him draw the top card of his library?

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    I would attack, I am in the boat of challenging bluffs .
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  4. kcaht answered: If I can win next turn anyway no matter what, I leave the Specter up to block.
  5. therealjohnnycombo answered: if he’s as smart as he seems, he may be expecting that. Swing with your other creatures, but let him have his top card.
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    Hold it back and let him draw the card. I’m not a very good play in terms of keeping track of every little thing, but I...
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    I’d say wait to attack. If I can kill him next turn with an all out attack, and he is aware of my specter, then let him...
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    Holy shit I cant even. I say attack, he seemed to have forgotten about it at first.
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  12. andvari5 answered: ATTACK o/
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    How long did he think and did he look at Nightveil while he was thinking? If he’s decent then he probably set it up for...
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    Better to let him think hard about a decision when he won’t get to play next turn anyways. Keep up appearances!
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    Mind games!!!
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    Mill both cards and let him draw the third.
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  22. lev1athan666 answered: I suppose the real question is, how much mana has he left open?